City of Ft. Myers


Fort Myers, Florida – City of Palms

Fort Myers is the metropolitan city for Southwest Florida. 

In the city proper, approximately 61,000 people call it home. And for good reason, as this is a wonderful place to live!




Fort Myers CondosFort Myers has its eye firmly focused on the future. It has been re-developing the downtown area into a Mecca for the arts and for music. Once a month artists gather and show their talent in hand painted artworks. Also once a month, a music walk takes place where musicians play and entertain throughout the downtown area. Either of these events make a great evening out!

The “Riverfront District” has sweeping views of land and sea alike. Containing high-rises, conventions centers, Parks, and ambiance to please the most eloquent tastes, one can’t help but include Fort Myers in their plans for entertainment and living comfort. Future plans include an expansion of the river district along the Caloosahatchee River, encompassing the harbor and riverfront parks.

Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico

Like many areas in SouthWest Florida, Ft Myers offers housing on riverfront, canal front and lakefront. Just like Cape Coral, access to the gulf from much of the real estate in Fort Myers, by water is really wonderful! Gulf Access waterfront property is a bit more expensive in Fort Myers as opposed to Cape Coral, but more affordable than Naples Gulf access real estate.

Many of the communities are gated which make it nice for that added feeling of security. Housing in Fort Myers range from Riverfront mansions to quaint structures build in the 50’s. Golfing communities are filled with beauty, style, and golf carts!


Ft. Myers brings the world close with its international airport (RSW), found in the top ratings for international airports, and easily accessed by Southwest Florida residents. Page Field offers an alternative for pilots of smaller planes right inside the city limits!

Within the Ft Myers area, housing is plentiful and desirable. A variety of properties available in the Fort Myers area, make it easy to find exactly what you want. Condos, single dwelling homes, recreation vehicle developments, and townhouses are all viable options.


Ft. Myers is called the “City of Palms” and rightfully so…..they are everywhere!


Highway improvements, city beautification and utilization, competitive commercial enticements and progressive modernizing make this city the place to prosper, to live, and to play.

Ft. Myers offers visitors and residents a place to see the Red Socks train.




Rich in history, the Edison-Ford winter estate is available to be toured. The lavish gardens that surround the homes are worth the seeing by themselves, not to mention the added enjoyment of the tour!


All in all, everything you could want in a city is at your fingertips if you make Ft Myers your home. Play a round of golf, ride your horse, visit the beach, fly your plane, shop, or visit the Barbara Mann theatre and a restaurant, for an evening out……It’s all just a short jaunt down the street!